Who Are Baby Fire Pits For?

  • Baby Fire Pits are a perfect way to experience the comforts of a campfire virtually anywhere
  • Baby Fire Pits can be used for a fun night of making s'mores
  • The fire pits use smoke-free gel as a source of fuel, meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors
The Baby Fire Pit is a great way to spend an evening

There's nothing quite like sitting next to a campfire. The warmth sinks deep into your bones, that wonderful smokey smell seems to permeate clothing for days and the calm of the roaring fire serves as a way to peacefully watch the day transition to night. Unfortunately, campfires aren't exactly mobile or easy to set up, especially if you don't have much outdoor space at your home or apartment.

That's why Baby Fire Pits are a real game changer. They offer many of the same comforts as a real campfire while keeping the flame contained enough to be used at home. Thanks to the use of food-safe gel as a fuel source, the Baby Fire Pits can also be used for making s'mores or other tasty treats.

Virtually No Set-Up

Baby Fire Pits are ready to go in almost no time at all. All I had to do after opening the box was take the included bag of pebbles and scatter them around the outside ring of the fire pit. Once that was done, I put the included fuel gel canister into the center ring. From there, all that was needed to do was pop the lid off the canister and light it. The whole process took me around 10 minutes.

A top-down look at the Baby Fire Pit with no fuel canister inserted

Looks Great

Once fully set up, the Baby Fire Pit looks lovely. It has both rustic charm and a touch of modern elegance. Because the exterior uses a piece of copper, the patina creates a unique look for every fire pit. The Baby Fire Pit I was sent over for review is the basic unit, but there are other options with specific designs available as well.

The Baby Fire Pit is lightweight and easy to carry around

I also really like the pebbles scattered around the top of the Baby Fire Pit. It gives the fire pit a more outdoors-y, natural look while helping to safely contain any flames. That said, the pebbles do have a bunch of dirt on them which can require some extra cleaning. It's nothing more than a quick swipe of a wet paper towel, but it can track through the house if you aren't careful.

The Baby Fire Pit isn't that heavy, and weighs even less without the fuel canister. It's something that can easily be carried with one hand with no struggle. The fuel canisters aren't that heavy either, making the Baby Fire Pit easy to bring with you on a trip or to simply carry it from one room to another around the house.

A look at the Baby Fire Pit in action

Food Safe Fuel

The real fun is once the fire is actually lit. The Baby Camp Fire uses third-party fuel sources and mine came with one Terra Flame gel canister, though other brands of gel can also work just fine. This is a smokeless, food safe fuel source that produces a roughly seven inch flame, though the flame does grow or shrink depending on a number of outside factors like temperature, wind and overall air flow. The gel even makes a crackling sound when burning, giving the Baby Fire Pit that natural wood-burning feel.

Terra Flame is one of the brands of fuel gel that can be used with a Baby Fire Pit

The Terra Flame gel canister doesn't really produce that much heat, so don't expect to use the Baby Fire Pit as a source of warmth. This is almost purely decorative. However, because the Baby Fire Pit never got that hot, it never caused any accidental burns or other problems. The Baby Fire Pit itself also doesn't really get that warm, so you don't have to worry about accidentally touching it while the flame is active or worrying about your bag of marshmallows getting melted from coming into contact with anything.

The fuel canister said it was only designed for one use, but I found that by putting a large pot over the Baby Fire Pit, the flame was almost instantly extinguished. This allowed me to get two uses out of one canister. Once a canister is empty, swapping it out for a new one takes almost no time at all. Combined between the two uses, the one fuel canister lasted around three hours in total.

Just look how cozy this is!

The best part of the Terra Flame canister is that the flame it creates is food safe. This means you can use the gel canister, and therefore the Baby Fire Pit, to make s'mores. The flame is perfect for making s'mores as it isn't that big, which allows for more controlled toasting of marshmallows. While the flame is food safe, I probably wouldn't make anything bigger than a s'more with it. The fire isn't that large and would probably take forever to cook something like a hot dog.

Additionally, the flame canisters do say they are safe for indoor use, but that seems a little too risky for me. While the heat from the fire seems to dissipate about a foot above the top of the flames, it just seems like it is inviting a potential disaster. I used the Baby Camp Fire on my balcony, which was the perfect compromise between being comfortable at home and being safely outdoors.

Final Thoughts

Baby Fire Pits are a simple and fun way to feel like you're enjoying a night in the great outdoors, even if you're sitting on a balcony in the middle of New York City. If you love s'mores, this should be a must-buy. The fire pit itself is lightweight and easy to carry around, and also looks beautiful thanks to its copper exterior and use of pebbles.

Baby Fire Pits are available right now from Amazon or directly from the company's website. There are a handful of designs and sizes available as well, with the basic Baby Fire Pit coming in at around $85, which includes one fuel canister.