Update- 2/17/21 8:15 a.m. EST- After Abigail exited the show during episode 7 on Monday night, Reality Steve explained his incorrect final five spoiler.

On his blog, he wrote: "...yes, Abigail ended up getting sent home 8th, not 5th as I reported. Again, something to where I was told a spoiler but not the exact details of it, which was that Abigail got to the episode before hometowns and just missed getting one. Weird that she got the first impression yet never got a 1 on 1 date."

Original Story:

ABC has revealed that “The Bachelor” Matt James will be taking a “serious look” at each of his contestants on the show’s next episode. With all of the women on the chopping block leading up to hometowns, and with two rose ceremonies to come in episode 7, here’s what fans can expect when it comes to Matt’s final five.

[Warning: Spoiler Alert]

There are currently 10 women left in the 2021 competition, 11 if you count newcomer Heather Martin. While ABC is keeping hush-hush about who makes it Matt’s final few episodes, the names of his finalists have already been leaked.

Show spoiler blogger Reality Steve has revealed that Matt’s first impression rose winner Abigail Heringer, Michelle Young, Serena Pitt, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Bri Springs will be among his final five.

Unfortunately for Abigail, who appears to have an upcoming one-on-one date with Matt, she won’t get the chance to introduce her family to the Season 25 lead. Reality Steve reports she’ll get the boot before the families head to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort for hometowns.

As for the order of elimination for the final four, it has been revealed that Serena P. will be the next to leave after Abigail, making Bri, Michelle, and Rachael his final three.

Post-fantasy suite week, Bri is said to be eliminated, making Michelle and Rachael Matt’s final two.

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When it comes to the winner, though spoilers have been few and far between this season, the blogger has named Rachael as Matt’s pick. His findings come amid talk that her friends and family in Georgia have long been discussing her win this season, along with Matt's potential finale slip-up.

Late last month, a “The Bachelor” fan page on Instagram discovered that he had a telling post-show link to Rachael, possibly spoiling his season's ending. Matt has not addressed the speculation, but he did stir up more rumors by posting a photo of his runner-up, Michelle.

Catch a new episode of “The Bachelor” Monday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. Find out who goes home in episode 7 HERE

the bachelor 2021 spoilers "The Bachelor" Season 25 cast (clockwise) Rachael, Serena P., Bri, Michelle, Abigail, and lead Matt James. Photo: ABC