With ABC only having just aired “The Bachelor” episode 3, Matt James’ winner is a long way off from being officially revealed. However, the Season 25 lead may have just accidentally clued fans in on his post-season status.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

Amid buzz that Rachael Kirkconnell is Matt’s 2021 winner, more details about their suspected relationship leaked over the weekend.

As noted by show spoiler king Reality Steve, the Instagram account @BachSleuthers uncovered Matt’s Spotify account which lists one of Rachael’s playlists called “Night Drive.” This leak came about as Matt failed to set his account to private, meaning fans who follow his Spotify page can see what he’s listening to.


“This has everyone convinced Matt chose Rachael. I would chalk it up to more evidence pointing Rachael’s way,” Reality Steve reported Tuesday. “It really does look like a major slip on his part that he got caught on.”

The blogger added that post-filming, Matt has been largely unaware of the “magnitude of his actions” and the “craziness” of the reality series' fans.

“So it’s not like Matt purposely did this and was reckless,” he added, “[But] the guy just doesn’t know any better because he doesn’t quite grasp the position he’s in. Not only that, I’ve been told he doesn’t really care either.”

Reality Steve, who has revealed multiple “The Bachelor” winners in past seasons, named Rachael, a 24-year-old Georgia resident, as the probable winner of Season 25 earlier this month. He has also deemed contestants Bri Springs, Serena Pitt, and in the incoming Michelle Young as part of the final four.

rachael matt the bachelor 2021 Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell from "The Bachelor" Season 25. Photo: ABC

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