As the “Bachelorette” Season 13 cast gets smaller, Rachel’s decisions get tougher. On Tuesday’s episode, she was forced to make a decision that fans of the show thought she should have made a long time ago.

The episode opens at the end of Kenny and Lee’s explosive two-on-one date with Rachel. The “Bachelorette” star has been confronted with stories from both parties, and she’s not sure who to believe. She decides to go with her gut and sends Lee, who Kenny dubbed a “snake,” back to the South.

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Kenny and Rachel board the helicopter, but he’s not ready to leave without closure. He returns to Lee, in the hopes that he’ll get something more from him. Lee remains smug and Kenny returns to the helicopter to ride off and enjoy the rest of his date with Rachel.

Rachel’s uneasy after the confrontation. She can’t understand why Kenny chose to return to confront Lee when she gave him an easy out — could he be as confrontational as Lee said? She questions him about his motives during their relaxed moment together and finds herself connecting with him on a new level.

Rachel awards him the date rose, securing his spot on the “Bachelorette” Season 13 cast for another week.

Rose Ceremony

Rachel heads into her sixth rose ceremony with a new sense of clarity. She knows which men she sees a future with and which simply aren’t husband material. Dean, Eric, Peter, Alex, Adam and Matt are given roses. Anthony and Josiah, who was overly confident he’d be staying another week, are sent packing.

One-On-One No. 1

Rachel takes the “Bachelorette” Season 13 cast to Copenhagen, Denmark. Once they’re settled in, she sends in a date card for Eric. The pair meet for a day of exploring and getting to know one another.

Their date starts with a champagne-fueled boat ride through the city. Eric opens up to Rachel about his childhood, during which he longed for love from his mother.

He claims that his mother’s methods changed the way he looks at love. Rachel identifies with that feeling. She’s also guarded, but she and Eric bond over the connection they feel with one another and vow not to shut down.

Group Date

The rest of the group, sans Will and Eric, head out for a Viking-themed group date. First the team up to row a viking ship, which brings them to part two of their group date. They quickly realize they’ll have to fight like vikings for Rachel’s heart and they’re ready.

The guys show off their skills — and in some cases (like Dean's) lack thereof — in a series of physical games. Their instructors chose Adam and Kenny as the frontrunners, pitting them against each other in one final fight. Kenny wins, but both leave the ring with injuries.

The group date continues with a cocktail party, during which Rachel and her suitors spend time sipping drinks and getting to know each other better. Bryan and Peter are among the first to get alone time with Rachel and, as always, they leave feeling more confident and connected to Rachel than ever. Kenny’s fighting an internal battle with being away from his daughter and his lack of certainty in the relationship he’s building with the “Bachelorette” star.

He knows he wants to be on the show and wind up with Rachel, but he misses his daughter with every fiber of his being. Rachel pulls him aside for a moment, during which he opens up about his feelings. He assures her that he’s there for her — he admits he’s been struggling with a lack of growth in their relationship but wants more.

“There’s not any part of me that doubts that you and Mackenzie [his daughter] would be amazing,” he said. “But when it comes to her I just am very defensive.”

Kenny worries that Mackenzie will get confused or caught up in something that isn’t permanent. His concerns prompt Rachel to open up, admitting that she feels the same. She feels it’s time for Kenny to head home and be with his daughter because they’re just not where they should or could be.

“Speaking from one daddy’s girl to the next, she’s so lucky to have you,” Rachel says.

Peter gets the group date rose.

One-On-One No. 2

Rachel and Will meet for a day trip to Sweden. Rachel’s determined to get Will to open up around her more. They stroll hand-in-hand, stopping for a little dance in the city center and sharing laughs, drinks and more.

The “Bachelorette” couple pop into a coffee shop where they meet a couple married for 35 years. They get some advice and Rachel taps into what she really wants — she’s ready to get into a serious relationship on the marriage track and she’s struggling to feel that with Will. They’re lacking a physical connection and it’s weighing heavy on Rachel.

They share a dinner at the Carlsberg brewery where Rachel’s hoping she and Will can forge some passion. Rachel jumps right into trying to get deeper into who Will really is. He opens up about his dating history, which has largely included only white women.

Their conversation then moves to what kind of boyfriend/lover Will is. Rachel’s surprised to learn that Will describes himself as a passionate person physically, but he struggles to verbalize his feelings. He opens up about a past relationship, but it’s clear Rachel’s checked out.

Rachel’s not able to give Will a rose, because she can’t look past what they’re lacking physically. She explains that to Will and he accepts her critique in stride. He explains that he was largely nervous and caught up in the moment, but Rachel sends him home anyway.

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Rose Ceremony No. 2

Rachel gathers her potential suitors for another round of eliminations. She breaks down early on, speaking with the Season 13 cast about the connections she’s forged with all of them. She’s overcome with emotion and has to remove herself from the room before sending one more man packing.

Bryan, Matt, Dean and Adam get roses. Alex is sent home.