A rowdy crowd of protestors forced 3 BART stations in San Francisco to delay its evening commute on Monday, July 11.

The protest was planned by a group that called itself the Onyx Organizing Committee.

The protest was against a fatal police shooting of a homeless man called Charles Hill on a BART platform on Sunday, July 3.

Hill, 45, was shot dead by BART police, who claim he had tried to attack two BART officers with a knife and a broken bottle.

Hill was shot three times and he died on the spot, according to police.

Eye witnesses believe the BART officers overreacted.

A witness said that Hill was moving slowly toward the officers, but not running or lunging at them, according to the Bay Citizen.

Around 100 protesters blocked off 16th and Mission and later Fourth and Market street, with the riot police from SFPD following them along.

The protestors disrupted the major services at Civic Center, 16th Street and Powell Street stations, chanting no justice, no peace, pigs and murderers and hurled abuse at BART officials.

All BART stations began operating normally around 8 pm after the protests lifted.

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