• Max Gutierrez told the customer to leave the two women alone
  • One of the women posted about Gutierrez's good deed on social media
  • Her post quickly went viral, with many people praising Gutierrez

A Florida bartender saved two women from a creepy customer by handing them an instruction note disguised as a receipt.

Drink-slinger Max Gutierrez, who hails from St. Petersburg, helped Trinity Allie and her friend fend off unwanted attention and harassment from a customer at the bar. Gutierrez's good deed quickly went viral after Allie shared a picture of the bartender and his note on Twitter.

"If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed. He's giving me the creeps," the note read.

According to Allie, Gutierrez eventually made the customer leave after the women followed the instructions indicated in the note.

Gutierrez told the man that the women were not interested and he needed to leave them alone, reported New York Post. In response, the customer said the bartender's approach was aggressive.

"Well you're aggressively hitting on them and you need to leave," Gutierrez replied as per Allie's post.

Praises for Gutierrez poured in. One commenter tweeted, "Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Hawaiian shirts."

In a later post, Allie shared a screenshot of Gutierrez's Reddit post recalling the incident.

"It's something you just pick up from mentor bartenders. Eventually, you become pretty good at reading people, body language, etc," Gutierrez wrote. "This guy was giving off very weird vibes for quite a while, kept an eye on him, try to give him a chance, try to let the girl tell him no and leave it at that. But he didn't take no for an answer and kept pestering them so eventually I kind of yelled at him and made him leave lol."

"I honestly don't like yelling at customers or embarrassing people, but I find it's one of the best ways to handle creeps," Gutierrez said further. "Calling them out in front of people is usually enough to get them to turn tail and walk away. I just don't need my guests feeling uncomfortable."

In a tweet, Gutierrez shared that the customer had come back to the bar. However, he was swiftly turned away.

"Fun update, the guy I kicked out Sunday night came back to the bar JUST NOW for a beer, told him I wouldn't serve him," the bartender wrote.

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