Adam Jones
Adam Jones has been selected to back-to-back All-Star Games. Reuters

The fan who threw a banana in the direction of a baseball player on Sunday is denying that what he did was racist. Alexander Poulides has revealed himself as the man who caused the controversy this weekend, but says the reason for his actions have been misinterpreted.

"Oh, my god," Poulides told the San Jose Mercury News. "I threw a banana on my way out."

According to Poulides, he had no intention of throwing the banana towards Baltimore Orioles centerfielder Adam Jones, who angrily tweeted about the incident on Sunday. The fan claims he threw the piece of fruit out of frustration, and it happened to land by Jones. The Giants lost the contest 10-2 and have fallen in last place, as they try to defend their World Series title.

"It's unfortunate that things happen like that, but it ain't going stop me, myself and the Orioles," Poulides continued. "We have games to win. It's mid-August. I've got a bigger concern in my head than someone's ignorance or act of whatever. You know what I mean?"

Before Poulides admitted to being the perpetrator, it was widely concluded that his actions were racially motivated. On Monday, the Giants apologized for the incident and said they were investigating the matter.

"We were extremely disappointed to learn about the incident involving Adam Jones at AT&T Park yesterday," the statement said. "The Giants have a zero tolerance policy against this type of behavior, which results in immediate ejection from the ballpark. While we have been investigating the matter since we learned of the situation, unfortunately we have been unable to identify the person responsible.

Jones has yet to respond to Poulides’ comments. On Sunday, though, he tweeted several times about the incident.

"I want to thank whatever slapd--- threw that banana towards my direction in CF in the last inning. Way to show ur class u jacka--," tweeted Jones.

Poulides apologized for his actions said he regretted every throwing the banana.

"I'm embarrassed and shocked by the outcome. In hindsight, I wish I didn't do it and I apologize. I'm very sorry."