Tripp Roth
Tripp Roth, a two-year-old baby born with a rare and immensely painful skin disease known as E.B., died on Saturday in his mother's arms. When Tripp Roth was first diagnosed with the disorder shortly after birth, doctors said he wouldn't live past a year, as there is no cure. However, after two years of struggling with the painful condition which caused him to go blind, Roth died a few months short of his third birthday. EB-ing a Mommy

The prayers of thousands of people went unanswered as the 20-month-old baby boy Tripp Roth died in his mother's arms on Saturday. Tripp Roth from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, suffered from Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB, a skin disorder with no cure.

He braved the fatal disease and outlived medical predictions. His plight had moved thousands of people worldwide who held prayer services for him and raised money for his treatment through Facebook and other online media.

EB is a medical condition in which the skin lacks a particular protein that bonds the skin layers with the result that even a slight touch leads to blisters and bleeding in the skin.

Little Roth was diagnosed with EB soon after his birth and lived in excruciating pain. The doctors had told his family that he would not survive to be a year old, but he outlived all predictions.

Tripp Roth the baby hero who braved a rare and fatal skin disorder EB passed away at 20 months. Credit:

His mother Courtney Roth wrote about the passing of the baby in her blog titled EB-ing a Mommy. My precious angel received his wings today. I have had many nightmares about having to write this post. He was exactly 2 years and 8 months old.

It happened within minutes of me picking him up out of bed and rocking him. He took his last peaceful breaths in my arms, in his most favorite spot, she wrote.

Courtney Roth has been sharing her experience of caring for Tripp Roth and his battle with the disease, through her blog posts and Facebook page dedicated to the child. Her attempt has helped raise awareness about the disease. Thousands of people prayed and supported the baby and his mother in their fight with the excruciating disease.