In real-life Ron Burgundy fashion, BBC weatherman Alex Deakin flubbed his line while delivering the weather forecast on Saturday evening, saying the next day would be filled with bucket loads of c--t instead of sunshine.

By and large, it is simply a lovely winter's day tomorrow, buckets loads of c--t...sunshine across central and Eastern England, Deakin said of Sunday's weather. He continued on without fail for the rest of the report.

And his Freudian slip did not go unnoticed. Countless videos were posted to YouTube following the gaffe and many tweeted about it on Twitter. Even Deakin joined in the roast, according to The Daily Mail.

I think the less said the better about that last broadcast, Deakin tweeted according to The Daily Mail, adding the hash tag #P45.

One viewer asked what he said and Deakin replied that he said not A naughty word, THE naughty word.

So far, there are multiple versions of the video clip that have been uploaded two YouTube, one of which has amassed more than 11,000 views.

Deakin isn't the first weatherman guilty of a slip-up on BBC television. Last year, James Naughtie of Radio 4 was naughty when he mispronounced Jeremy Hunt's name on air.

Well, first up after the news we're going to be talking to Jeremy C--t, er, Hunt, the culture secretary, about... broadband, he said.

The year before that, BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker flipped the middle finger on live television to anchor Simon McCoy, who was off to the side, without knowing he was on air.

View the video below of BBC weather forecaster Alex Deakin saying bucket loads of c--t below, and as an added bonus, the August 2012 incident with Tomasz Schafernaker.