Bear Gryllis Fired From 'Man Vs. Wild': 10 Manliest Moments On Discovery Show
Grylls was fired from the Discovery Channel after filming seven seasons of the award-winning program. In honor of Grylls' extreme and often unforgettable adventures, here are his ten "Man"-liest moments, from burrowing into animal carcasses to drinking his own urine and using his hand as bait in the swamps of Louisiana. gotogames/Creative Commons

Bear Grylls, the host of Discovery Channel's hit survival series Man vs. Wild, has been fired from the show after filming seven seasons of the award-winning program.

According to a spokeswoman for Discovery, Grylls was let go after contract negotiations for two unannounced projects with the network fell through.

Heather King, a rep for Grylls, confirmed that he would not be returning to the show, saying that his goal has always been to make life-empowering shows for his many fans around the globe, and...has taken great risks to bring Discovery such award winning programming over seven seasons.

Bear Grylls has been known and loved by adventure fans around the world since 2006 for being placed in hostile environments and using his survival skills to survive.

In honor of Grylls' extreme and often unforgettable adventures on Man vs. Wild, here are ten of his Man-liest moments on the Discovery Channel show, from burrowing into animal carcasses for warmth to drinking urine to sruvive and using his own hand as bait in the swamps of Louisiana.

10. Bear Grylls Escapes Quicksand

The Man vs. Wild host shows viewers how to escape from quicksand using the monkey crawl, after first struggling enough to get in up to his chest, arms submerged.

9. Bear Grylls Makes Snake Watch While He Eats It

There are few things Man-lier than killing a snake with your own mouth, especially when those snakes are known for excreting a foul liquid to deter predators.

8. Bear Grylls Tries To Catch A Shark

The Discovery adventurer has

7. Bear Grylls Creates 'Kill Zone'

Off the coast of Borneo, Bear Grylls sets up a traditional Malaysian trap using sticks, brush, rope and a knife, creating a kill zone that will drive the animal towards his rope net.

6. Bear Grylls Eats Raw Zebra Meat

Bear Grylls has eaten plenty of raw meat on Man vs. Wild, but the sight of him leaning over a recent kill and tearing out chunks of flesh with his teeth is one few Discovery Channel fans will ever forget.

5. Bear Grylls Chomping On Bugs

Some of Grylls' more notable feasts on Man vs. Wild involved spiders and insect life, but these Pom weevil grubs definitely rubbed the Discovery Channel host the wrong way.

4. Bear Grylls Drinks Own Urine

This isn't the first time Bear Grylls has gotten up close and personal with animal leftovers. He's drained water from elephant dung, and drunk the half digested liquids instead a camel stomach. But when the Man vs. Wild host opted to drink his own urine while suffering from dehydration in the desert, it became one of the longest-running gags on the seven-season show.

3. Bear Grylls Makes Like Han Solo

Grylls hollowed out and slept in a deer carcass to combat the freezing temperatures of the Scottish Highlands in a scene straight out of The Empire Strikes Back. He repeated the trick with the remains of a camel, stripping its carcass and crawling inside the corpse to show viewers how to keep safe during a sand storm.

2. Bear Grylls Spears Wild Salmon

The Man vs. Wild host had one of his Man-liest moments ever when he used a stick to spear wild salmon in Alaska... then chomped straight into the wriggling fish, Gollum-style.

1. Bear Grylls Uses Own Hand As Bait

Though a catfish may not sound like the most dangerous animal Grylls could have gone against, those found in Louisiana swamps can clock in over twenty pounds, and their sharp teeth can easily pierce human flesh. The Man vs. Wild host put his skills and the catfish's teeth to the test when he caught one using his own hand as bait, plunging it into the murky water before hooking his meal.

Honorary Mention: Bear Grylls Shows Off 'Ultimate Knife'

Bear Grylls may have been fired from Discovery Channel's Man vs. Wild, but his reputation as a professional survivalist has already spawned products that may sell even better now that he's been kicked off of the show. One of them is a tool Grylls touts as the ultimate knife, which includes a sharpener, a pummel, a whistle and a blunt side that can be used to create sparks for a fire.