McCartney, Lennon and Harrison may be getting back together again, according to Sir Paul McCartney's son. James McCartney, son of the Beatle's bass-playing leader, recently told the BCC that he has spoken with John Lennon's son, Sean, and George Harrison's son, Dhani, and the three of them were up for it.

Sean seemed to be into it, James added. Dhani seemed to be into it. I'd be happy to do it.

The only hold out appears to be Ringo Starr's son, Zak Starkley.

I don't think it's something that Zak wants to do, said James McCartney. Maybe Jason [another of Starr's sons and also a drummer] would want to do it.

Asked if The Beatles 2 was really a possibility, James McCartney responded with vague optimism.

Yeah, hopefully, naturally, he said. I don't know, you'd have to wait and see. The will of God, nature's support, I guess. So yeah, maybe.

James McCartney is an accomplished singer-songwriter. in his own right and has played guitar on two of his father's albums (Flaming Pie and Driving Rain). He is planning to follow in the Beatle's footsteps by playing a show at the famous Liverpool venue, The Cavern Club, where the Beatle's performed before getting famous.

He told BBC that as a schoolboy his dream was to be even better than The Beatles, adding, I'm not sure if I can do that. If anything, I would love to be equal to The Beatles -- but even that's quite tough.

Check out video of the sons of The Beatles performing their own original music, and play all four videos at the same time to experience what The Beatles 2 might sound like.

James McCartney performing “Angel” on the Letterman Show:

Music Video for Sean Lennon Parachutes:

Dhani Harrison performing Choose What You're Watching with his band, thenewno2:

TV broadcast marking the birth of Zak Starkly: