Ben & Jerry's, the famous ice cream company, has rebranded their apple pie flavored ice cream, Oh My Apple Pie, to Apple-y Ever After.

The change is done in order to raise awareness for gay marriage equality in the UK.

As the government debates whether to legalise same-sex marriage, we've partnered with gay-rights organisation Stonewall to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality by renaming our Apple Pie flavour, Apple-y Ever After!, said Ben & Jerry's on their UK Facebook.

The British Parliament is currently debating legalizing gay marriage and Ben & Jerry's said they are a company that supports social justice for all members of society.

Social justice is at the core of our values and this is why we're taking a stand to campaign for marriage equality in the UK. Show your support and help convince members of parliament that it's time to say 'I do'!, said the company on their Facebook.

Ben & Jerry's also created a Facebook app that allows users to marry someone of the same sex. If the person accepts the proposal, both pictures will appear on the Ben & Jerry's Facebook under a section titled recently married.

The site will also post on the wall that will say I'm supporting marriage equality in the UK with Ben & Jerry's. Everyone should have the right to live Apple-y Ever After! Peace, love and fairtrade ice cream!, according to the Facebook.

In 2009, Ben & Jerry's changed the named Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby in order to celebrate Vermont, the company's home state, making gay marriage legal.