If the latest reports on the birth of pop megastar Beyonce's baby girl are to be believed, the newborn will be called Ivy Blue Carter. While many people may find the name a bit unusual, there is a reason why the pop 'n' hip-hop princess is named that way.

The number 4 and color blue play an important role in the baby's name. Let's start with 4, the lucky number for Beyonce (at least the singer likes to think that). She even named her fourth studio album 4. Also, Iv in the name denotes the roman numeral 4. Sounds interesting? Well there's more.

We all have special numbers in our lives, and 4 is that for me. It's the day I was born. My mother's birthday, and a lot of my friends' birthdays, are on the fourth; April 4 is my wedding date, she told Billboard. In addition, it's also husband Jay-Z's birthdate (Dec. 4).

Now let's come to Blue. It is hip-hop hubby Jay-Z's favorite color. He called his sixth studio album Blueprint. Thus, the baby girl gets the touch of the favorites of her mom and dad - Ivy Blue Carter.

Since the birth of the baby girl, fans have flooded Twitter with wishes and congratulations. Most of them have cracked the riddle regarding the name already.

There's a meaning in Ivy Blue. IVy = a roman numeral for 4 which is Beyoncé's favorite number and BLUE for Jay-Z's Blueprint albums. Wow, a fan tweeted.

beyonce is obsessed with the number four so.. 4 = IV = Ivy and Blue is the fourth color on the color wheel and has 4 letters! another Tweeter user said.

One of the fans made it even more complicated. Beyonce had her baby on 1/7/2012. 1+7= 8. 2+0+1+2 = 5. 8-5=3. 3+1 = 4! YALL SEE DESTINY'S CHILD??? YOU SEE HER! Oh ok, he tweeted.

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