Singer Beyonce speaks during an event to debut her newest fragrance, Beyonce Pulse, at Macy's store in New York September 22, 2011. REUTERS/Kena Betancur

Pop queen Beyonce and hip-hop hubby Jay-Z are now the proud parents of a baby girl, who has been reportedly named Ivy Blue Carter.

According to a Daily News report, Beyonce was admitted into the Upper East Side Hospital on Friday night under the name Ingrid Jackson. She gave birth to the baby girl later on Saturday night.

However, just a couple of days before the birth, a psychic predicted that the popstar will have a boy and will be named Jaylin.

I feel that Beyoncé's 2012 is going to be very, very exciting, New York-based psychic Jesse Bravo told MTV News. I get the date of January 8 to January 14 of her giving birth to her first son.

Bravo, whose predictions proved wrong after Beyonce gave birth to her first baby girl on Saturday, also predicted the name of the baby.

From what I hear, I know that the first child's name starts with a 'J', Bravo continued. I think it's like Jaylin or something like that that's going to be a tribute to her husband.

Apart from predicting the birthdate, gender and name, Bravo even said that after the birth of the baby, Beyonce's lifestyle will slow down.

This baby's going to slow her down slightly, he said. But the popstar will like her quiet life because when I start to get into her energy, she really is a big mother, she wants to be mommy.

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