After seeing a historical live triple eviction play out on CBS’ “Big Brother,” the cast of “All-Stars” competed in another Head of Household competition on Thursday night.

The Big Brother Network reports that Cody secured the latest win, making it his third time in the driver’s seat this season. While he hasn’t officially nominated two houseguests for eviction yet -- he is expected to announce his nominations on Friday -- he has made his target known to at least one of his allies.

During Friday’s early morning live feeds, Cody spoke to Enzo about his desire to put Christmas on the block due to her close relationship with Memphis. Enzo agreed, saying he doesn’t “trust” Christmas and that they need to vote her out.

“Christmas is gone,” Enzo said.

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While Cody is going for Memphis’ close ally, he said he doesn’t want the latter booted from the game just yet, though he may not be completely in the clear. Cody has tossed around the idea of Memphis or Tyler sitting next to Christmas on the block.

This isn’t the first time Cody has spoken out about his desire to nominate Christmas. During his last HOH reign, he toyed with the idea of using the Power of Veto to nominate and backdoor her. He ended up ditching this plan but still voiced his desire to take Christmas out of the game “right away.”

“Big Brother: All-Stars” is down to its final six players. The next episode, which will show the Head of Household competition, airs Monday, Oct. 5, at 8 p.m. EDT on CBS.

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Cody (top left) wants to see Christmas (top right) eliminated from "Big Brother: All-Stars" this week, but Tyler (bottom left) and Memphis may also be going on the block. CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.