"The Biggest Loser" Season 17 Spoilers
"The Biggest Loser" contestant Robert Kidney (left), pictured with his competitor Stephen Kmet, learned a startling fact about his health in Season 17, episode 2. NBC/Darren Michaels

We’re only two episodes into Season 17 of “The Biggest Loser” and already the NBC reality series has proved to be one of the most emotional installments to date. During Monday night’s episode, the weight-loss competition left contestants in tears as they partook in a competitive temptation challenge — one that involved the consumption of fatty foods.

After indulging on high-sodium dishes like chicken alfredo, the contestants — each sporting full bellies — visited an autopsy room to learn just how detrimental one’s food choices are to their health. But it was Rob Kidney who walked away with more than just knowledge on nutrition when the 56-year-old contestant was told the date of his death. The show’s guest expert, Dr. Huizenga, explained to Rob that if he continued down the path of self destruction he’d meet his demise on Dec. 14, 2020.

With his death date starring him in the face, the contestant, who started the show weighing in at 326 pounds, began to cry. According to Rob, his overeating began after getting diagnosed with prostate cancer and losing a close friend.

Rob’s trainer, Jen Widerstrom, reacted to that eye-widening episode 2 moment in a blog post for People magazine.

“This week they revealed Rob's ‘Death Date’ should he stay the course with his current lifestyle and choices,” she said, noting that the Georgia native could be dead in just five years if his health habits don’t change. “What was just as powerful to me as his ‘Death Date’ was Rob's opportunity to do something about it. This wouldn't be because of some quick fix pill or magic séance, but by simply becoming responsible for his health.”

Jen explained that if Rob wanted to see the year 2021, he’d have to apply the “fundamentals of good health” to his life, meaning “movement, being present in each meal, and community.”

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