The internet exploded with a frenzy of excitement after a video of a drunken Canadian man singing every lyric of Queen's epic ballad, Bohemian Rhapsody while seated in the back of a cop car surfaced online. It is hard enough to remember every lyrics of the six minute song while sober, so belting out the entire thing while intoxicated is a pretty impressive feat. Check out the video footage of the unnamed drunk guy singing, and enjoy our roundup of eight other interpretations of the song.

1) Arrested Drunk Guys Sings Bohemian Rhapsody:

2) Official Music Video:

3) Live Performance By Queen:

4) Music Video Recreated With Lego:

5) The Muppets Play Bohemian Rhapsody:

6) The Best Scene In Wayne's World:

7) Performed on Classical Guitar:

8) Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix:
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9) Brohemian Rhapsody, by CollegeHumor: