A website entitled the Boob Jam is currently holding an open call asking for developers to help put some ideas together for a game about breasts. Click here to see the page for yourself.

We know what you're thinking, but this wouldn't be an XXX-type game. This game would be focused on breast health awareness and shedding light on the plight of females, instead of objectification and catering to the imaginations of 15-year-old boys like so many games do.

The idea was conceived by video game journalist Jenn Frank. Here's how she sums up her vision of what the game could be: "Game critics, players and big-budge developers sure seem to love talking about boobs. It never ends! Are they too big, are they too small, are they not covered up enough, are the boobs believable for the character? Oh, and jiggle physics! Jiggle physics are a big deal!

"For the rest of us, though, boobs aren’t necessarily playthings for other people. They’re just something we have. We live with “jiggle physics" every day. Sometimes, boobs get in the way. Sometimes, we have to cut them off. Sometimes, it makes walking up the street a chore (since, after all, boobs can be the most salient sex or gender marker). Some of us wish we had boobs; some of us curse the day they arrived. Boobs are actually ... kinda complicated!    

"What if you had to watch a sexy video game character also buy bras, cry softly when she can’t find one that fits and go in for mammograms -- Jenn Frank (@jennatar)"    

If this game comes to fruition, it could potentially be both empowering and enlightening. We're interested in seeing how far this idea will go and how many game developers will lend their talents to help make Frank's idea become a reality.    

What do you think of Frank's idea of a game about breasts? Sound off in the comments below.