With 2020 being the year it has been, many are starting to look forward to the Fall and the fact that this calendar year is closer to being over. However, there may be something that has people scared about what the season of pumpkins and holidays may bring following the reveal that Brach’s candy has released newly flavored candy corn sweets for the season.

News of the Turkey Dinner flavored candies hit the internet on Tuesday, after a food review Instagram account named Pupp Reviews shared that they had found the candy and decided to try it out.

“Brach’s Turkey Dinner candy corn: That’s right! Brach’s went all out and all, weird this year with a bag of candy corn brandishing SIX different flavors!” the account captioned a post featuring a bag of the sweets.

They went on to review the individual flavors, which are Green Beans, Roasted Turkey, Cranberry Sauce, Ginger Glazed Carrot, Sweet Potato Pie and Stuffing.

Unsurprisingly, as news of the treats spread, it was met with some critical reactions on Twitter.

One person noted the fact that 2020 has been quite a year in general, comparing the events that have made it so trying for many to candy corn in general.

However, more people noted that they couldn’t get behind the flavors in the new package of candy corn, for a variety of reasons.

People reports that for now, the candies are only available at select Walgreen’s locations for those who want to try it out.

While the reaction has seemingly been one that is more of disgust for social media users, candies and other treats themed after the holidays are nothing new. Just last year, Ferrara, who makes Brach’s, unveiled Trolli Sour Brite Candy Corn, Mini Candy Corn & Chocolate Peanuts, Mermaid Candy Corn, Donut Shoppe Candy Corn and Pumpkin Pie Candy Corn.

Mars has also gotten into the craze over the years, unveiling different flavored M&Ms candies each year for different holidays, including White Peppermint, Holiday Mint, White Pumpkin Pie, Cookies & Screeem, Pecan Pie and White Chocolate Candy Corn in 2017. Hershey’s also participates in the trend with flavored Kisses treats each year, and has already announced plans to unveil a Sugar Cookie flavored treat for the holidays this year.

Candy Corn
Halloween Candy Corn is pictured in the 1990s.  H. Armstrong Robert/Retrofile/Getty Images