Brad and Angelina
Brad and Angelina, who already have six children, are reportedly engaged and expecting twins REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Police have reportedly questioned Brad Pitt's bodyguard after the severed remains of a human body were found near the Hollywood sign landmark -- a short distance from the Hollywood Hills home the actor shares with Angelina Jolie and their various children.

X17Online has published a photograph of a man the website claims is Pitt's bodyguard being questioned by plainclothes law enforcement agents.

Investigators combed the Canyon Drive neighborhood looking for clues and speaking to neighbors, the report says, including Brad Pitt's personal bodyguard.

Pitt and Jolie are believed to have frequented Bronson Canyon Park -- where the grisly discovery was made -- with their children.

Two dog walkers in Bronson Canyon made the initial gruesome discovery on Tuesday, after inspecting a bag that had caught their dog's attention, according to the Los Angeles Times. They found a man's head inside.

The LAPD subsequently launched a massive search, which has since turned up severed hands and feet, found in separate locations.

Authorities reportedly believe the remains were deposited near the Hollywood sign relatively recently, and are confident that the hands are in good enough condition to provide fingerprints that will lead to the identification of the apparent victim.

We believe this body part was just deposited up here . . . probably within the past several days, Los Angeles Police Cmdr. Andrew Smith told CBS Los Angeles Wednesday.

If this is true, there is a good chance Angelina and Brad were staying in the neighboring home when the victim's body parts were deposited, as they attended the Golden Globe awards ceremony in Los Angeles on Sunday, Jan. 15.