Brett Ratner -- Hollywood's hardest working hack -- appeared on Attack of the Show this week to plug Tower Heist, his topically relevant homage to the comedic icons of his adolescence.

After spending a few minutes gushing over Eddie Murphy, the subject turned to the serendipitous symmetry of Tower Heist and the Occupy Wall Street protests. (The movie follows victims of a Ponzi scheme as they exact revenge on the one percenter who swindled them).

Congratulations on your viral marketing campaign, this whole Occupy thing, said host Kevin Pereira.

We planned that whole thing, Ratner joked.

Ratner then showcased his charming willful ignorance in assessing the happy accident: It's great to make a movie that's about something, but we were trying to make a movie that's fun and entertaining....We're sorry about the people down on Wall Street having to suffer through this* but we're happy that it's really timely right now.

(*Will someone please let Ratner know the Occupy Wall Street protestors are there voluntarily?)

After a bit more ass-kissing, Pereira finally got around to grilling Ratner on whether or not he was the anonymous director Munn not-so-fondly recalled in her memoir Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek (which, it should be noted, was published well over a year ago.)

In Suck It, Munn recounts her brief relationship with Ratner -- who is never ID'd -- most memorably with a scene of the director double-fisting shrimp cocktail and his undersized manhood.

Ratner happily copped to an affair with Munn, and didn't even bother to deny her assessment of his girth. He did deny the hands glistening with shrimp fat part, though.

You seem like a decent guy, Brett, Pereira -- who used to co-host Attack of the Show with Munn -- said. But things that I've read about you in a certain ex-coworker's book of mine would lead me to believe you're not the nicest guy in the world.

I used to date Olivia Munn, I'll be honest with everyone here, Ratner courageously confessed. When she was Lisa...she wasn't Asian back then.

[Munn was born Lisa Olivia Munn, and did indeed go by Lisa until 2006, the same year that she began working on Attack of the Show. There are no reports that she changed her ethnicity -- her mother is and always has been of Chinese descent.]

She was hanging out on my set of 'After the Sunset,' I banged her a few times, Ratner offered. But I forgot her...because she changed her name...I didn't know it was the same person, so when she came and auditioned for me for a TV show I forgot her, she got pissed off, and she made up all these stories about me eating shrimp and masturbating in my trailer.

And my shortcomings, he added, gesturing. She talked about my shortcomings...I get it. She's bitter.

To be fair, you did ask for shrimp cocktail in your rider today, Pereira said. Do we need to steam clean the green room?

Though Ratner claimed to have no idea about being mentioned in Olivia's book until a producer told him that day, Pereira reminded the director that he had tweeted about having photos of he and Munn together a few weeks ago, which undermined his claim just a bit.

In fact, the tweets appear to have been posted much earlier: IBTimes found a message from Feb. 5 with Ratner claiming to have figured out that @oliviamunn was the girl he knew as Lisa.

Ratner seems to be enjoying the attention this story is getting him - he tweeted again about the glistening shrimp fat claims, insisting that the story must be false because he keeps kosher and therefore must not consume shellfish.

Munn has not yet commented on Twitter.

Watch the full Attack of the Show interview here: