Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony Reuters

Casey Anthony, the woman accused of murdering her two-year-old child with duct tape and chloroform, will be released Sunday. Several demonstrators have taken this opportunity to tell her how much they hate her and used it to its fullest potential.

Demonstrators arrived at the Orange County jail, where she is being held, at 3 p.m. Saturday.

Anthony was acquitted on homicide charges July 5 and has filed an appeal for being convicted on charges of lying to investigators.

Anthony has received several death threats and defense attorneys have refused to say where she will go. Clearly, the young woman cannot return to her parents' house as she consistently accused her father, 62-year-old George Anthony, of raping her since childhood.

Caylee's body was found in a secluded wooded area near the Anthony home in December 2008, six months after Cindy Anthony, Casey's mom, reported the child missing. Casey acquired a new tattoo with the Italian words for Beautiful Life and entered herself into a hot body contest after the child became missing.

26-year-old convenience store clerk Sammary Blackwell, who resembles Casey Anthony, was attacked yesterday after a woman accused her of looking like Casey Anthony. The woman rammed into Blackwell's car, causing the car to flip over two and a half times. The young woman said that she played dead until the angry woman left.

Dozens of members of anti-abortion group Operation Save America also showed up the jail, saying that the premature death of Caylee Anthony and legalized abortion are inherently related.

Frank Klimek, who arrived at the jail with his wife and two young sons, carried a sign that said Don't do anything stupid. God will bring justice.

When she leaves the jail tomorrow, Anthony will take hundreds of dollars sent to her by her fans.