Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony. REUTERS/Pool photo

Casey Anthony, the young woman who was acquitted Tuesday on charges of murdering her 2-year-old daughter using chloroform and duct tape, refused a jail visit from her mother today, reported Reuters. The visit was scheduled for Friday evening.

Cindy and George Anthony's lawyer Mark Lippman said that Casey has cut off all communication with her parents. Casey's defense said that George Anthony, 62, sexually assaulted his daughter since childhood, enabling her to become a skilled liar. Why her parents want to see her after that is beyond me.

Anthony, 25, sent the community on a wild goose chase shortly after her child drowned in a swimming pool accident. The young woman also acquired a new tattoo with the Italian words for Beautiful Life and entered herself into a hot body contest in order to express her grief over the drowning.

Casey is scheduled to be released from jail July 17 and is expected to party like it's 1999.

And a question arises: Where will Casey Anthony go? A secret exit specifically designed for Anthony's safety has been devised.