Following a serious car accident, Casey Anthony’s father, George, reportedly suffered a brain bleed, which was now discovered to have caused brain damage. Casey, who reportedly has a fractured relationship with her parents, was acquitted of murdering her daughter, Caylee, in 2011.

Casey’s mother, Cindy, 61, spoke to Daily Mail about her husband’s injuries, telling the news outlet that George is her “priority right now.”

George, 67, suffered severe injuries from a November 2018 car accident, which Cindy said required her to “physically do everything” for him for a period of three and a half months. She told the news outlet, “He’s just not going to be the way he was before the accident.”

He was driving her Toyota 4Runner on Interstate 4 in Orlando, where he suddenly ran off the road, losing control of the vehicle and causing it to roll over several times before stopping on the median.

An eye witness told Radar Online that “There was blood everywhere. He hit his head pretty hard against the windshield and ended up with a large laceration.”

George also reportedly suffered a seizure during the crash. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital in “serious condition.”

Upon arriving home from the hospital, George was reportedly fitted with a brace for six months and needed a walker to get around. When the brace was removed, more underlying health issues were discovered, Cindy told the Daily Mail.

“The brace has only recently come off but we have just discovered a new problem – he suffered brain damage that will leave him with permanent disabilities,” she said. “I knew something wasn’t okay with his mind as soon as he came home, but people kept giving the excuse it was post-concussion syndrome.”

After more tests, doctors found that George had suffered brain damage, which, according to Cindy, was due to a “brain bleed after that accident.” She went on to tell the news outlet that the injury “led to parts of his brain dying.

“So he is never going to be the same again. He will have permanent problems with his left arm, his perception and his memory,” Cindy said in the interview.

The news of George’s health issues come as the Anthonys continue to fight for their Orlando home, where their granddaughter Caylee was found dead. The home is moving through the legal process of foreclosure, which George and Cindy are contesting.

Casey Anthony 2
Casey Anthony (C) reacts with her defense team following her acquittal on first degree murder charges of her daughter Caylee at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida, July 5, 2011. Reuters