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Nine days from now, Casey Anthony will be free. Questions linger as to how will her life following the acquittal unfold. Her parents have received several death threats over the Internet and phone calls. The couple is in hiding, and announced through their attorney that they have not decided whether they will welcome their daughter back into their home after she is out of jail. However, she might be able to exploit her sick fame to strike some good deals.


Through some of the letters Casey Anthony wrote while in prison, she revealed that she had ambitions of writing a memoir about advice on love, life and God. ABC News reported that she can gain over $750,000 if she can publish the tell-all book.

But financial gains aside, legal analysts do not endorse this idea. Let's hope, out of respect for her dead daughter, I would sincerely hope she doesn't write a tell-all book of how horrible jail was, what really happened, a criminal defense attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland told Fox News. We saw that with O.J. and the disaster that happened.

Woodland added that Anthony could get herself into legal problems if she publishes the book because of the Son of Sam laws, which was enacted to keep criminals from profiting from their crimes by selling their stories to publishers.

Another report by states that it is unlikely for Anthony to publish a memoir. Publishers have a long memory and after the public outcry that led to the canceled publication of the O.J.Simpson book 'If I Did It', everyone will think twice before offering Casey a deal, writes the report. Even if she decided to tell the whole truth in the book, which she could because she couldn't be tried again because of double jeopardy, who would want to give their hard earned money to her.


Another career option for Anthony may be pornography, reported by TMZ News. Porn executive Steve Hersh called Anthony's attorney, Jose Baez, to gauge her intereset and told TMZ: We've all seen the pictures of her partying, having a good time with friends, where she definitely looks hot. Baez has reportedly rescinded that offer.

Will she be safe?

Baez told ABC News that he is worried about Anthony's safety upon release, and indicated that she will be shielded with security when she makes her big exit.

I'm afraid for her, Baez said to ABC News. We're in the process of trying to take that next step for her and assist her in that regard.

The Orlando County courthouse has boosted security as death threats have been leveled against not only Anthony but also the judge and jurors.

Casey Anthony Murder Trial

Anthony, 25, was found not guilty Tuesday of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

The seven-woman, five-man jury took about one day to reach a verdict in the case, which had gripped much of the nation in considerable part due to the prosecution's argument that Casey had murdered the girl so she could pursue an active night life/social life, unencumbered by parenthood.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all charges except for four counts of providing false information to law enforcement officers. She will be spared a death sentence, but could still potentially face years behind bars in a Florida prison.

The prosecution had claimed Casey Anthony suffocated her daughter with duct tape in June 2008, then stored the body in the trunk of a car. Casey Anthony didn't report the toddler was missing for 31 days.

Conversely, the defense had concentrated on the prosecution's forensic evidence, including an FBI technician's testimony that duct tape found attached to Caylee Anthony's decomposed skull was contaminated during testing by another technician.

The jury deliberated for more than 10 hours over the last two days and after hearing 33 days of testimony.

The 12 jurors on Monday spent about six hours dissecting the case following a rebuttal summation by the prosecution. Judge Belvin Perry separated the main jury of seven women and five men from five alternates and sent them into the deliberation room just after noon, said.

Thursday morning, Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in prison for lying to investigators, but will go free next week due to time served.