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Cara Maria Sorbello's "Challenge" co-stars don't think her "Bloodlines" affair was a one-time thing. MTV

Cara Maria Sorbello may have won “The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines” but the show's reunion had her in the spotlight for a completely different reason. During the MTV reunion special Wednesday, which taped in New York City Jan. 21, the veteran was grilled about her on-camera fling with newcomer Thomas Buell while dating longtime “Challenge” star Abram Boise.

“I made out with this kid. Wrong. Wrong. Should not have done it,” Cara Maria told the cameras. “But at the end of the day, I can at least rest easy knowing that it didn't go any further than a make out whatever anybody wants to think because I know that for a fact.”

"The cameras would say otherwise," Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio, Cara Maria's longtime on-screen nemesis, said. Cara Maria responded by threatening to dish some dirt on him, but didn't deliver.

Weeks prior to the event, Cara Maria said MTV’s editing was to blame for making her affair with Thomas looked bigger than it was. “Bottom line: Tom and I only made out twice and it all happened in one very drunken day off. MTV is stretching something that happened a week later and putting it into this episode,” she wrote on Instagram. Cara Maria shared similar sentiments during the reunion but those comments didn't make it to air.

Following the reunion event, cast members Johnny, Nany Carmen González and Nicole Ramos talked to International Business Times about what viewers didn’t see on-screen this season — and they immediately chose to dish about Cara Maria's love triangle.

Watch a scene from "The Challenge Bloodlines" after show with Abram, Cara Maria and Thomas below:

“There was a lot footage that went on between Cara Maria and Tom that did not make the air,” Johnny told IBT. While viewers only saw Cara Maria and Tom get flirty in a few scenes, Nany alleged much more happened that didn't make the final cut.

“There’s so much that they did not show,” Nany said. “How about all the times that you were cuddled up together? Every single night. Or when we had the movie night … when her legs were wrapped around him. Come on! There was more.”

After Nicole, Nany’s cousin and partner, quipped that she’d “seen some stuff with my own eyes,” she shared her account of the affair. “For her to lie at the reunion and say they only made out one time, that’s a lie," she said. “I saw them walk out of the bathroom and him with the biggest smile on his face. Something happened in there.”

Johnny explained that the alleged footage was likely left on the cutting room floor in an effort to make viewers want to root for Cara Maria ahead of her big win. “They pick and choose who they want to give a good edit to,” he said. “They want everyone to be happy for the winners.”

While Cara Maria’s cheating was definitely a hot topic during the reunion taping, Nicole said she didn’t feel inclined to share her side of the story on-camera. “I feel like why pour more salt in the wound when she’s going to sit here and lie about it anyways? They’re not going to air more extra footage of it. She just wants to play victim."

Following the reunion premiere, Cara Maria opened up about her experiences on Twitter.

"The Challenge" returns to MTV in May for "Rivals III."