• Charlie Sheen was spotted at a Whole Foods parking lot in Malibu Wednesday
  • Sheen advised Denise Richards to complain to the judge if she's not pleased with the child support ruling
  • The "Two and a Half Men" actor said that the court ruling was "extremely fair"

Charlie Sheen addressed the reports that his ex-wife Denise Richards felt blindsided after the judge agreed that he could stop giving her child support.

Sheen, 56, was spotted by paparazzi at a Whole Foods parking lot in Malibu, California Wednesday. They asked him about the reports that the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" was blindsided by his legal victory after the judge granted his request to adjust the monthly child support payment to Richards to "zero dollars per month" starting from Aug. 1, 2018.

"[She] should go down to the courthouse and complain to the judge," Sheen was quoted by Page Six as saying.

The "Two and a Half Men" star declined to comment further on the issue.

During the hearing, Sheen argued that the child support should be stopped because both of their daughters Sami, 17, and Lola, 16, are living with him. He has 100% custody of them since April.

"I think what transpired today is extremely fair," Sheen told Us Weekly Monday of the child support ruling. "It speaks to not just today, but it speaks historically to that same fairness."

Meanwhile, an unnamed source spoke with People and said the 50-year-old actress felt blindsided because Sheen filed for the child support adjustment two years ago and allegedly kept pushing the court date. The insider accused Sheen of manipulating the situation after he allegedly set the date of hearing on the day Richard wasn't available. She was working out of state on the day of the hearing. 

The same source alleged that Lola is still living with her mom and only moves in with Sheen if she is away.

"When Denise is back, Lola will be with her. This is very disappointing for Denise, but also not surprising. Charlie is pitting the girls against their mother, which is horrible," the tipster said.

However, another insider defended Sheen. Richards "has known about the court date for six months," the second source said.

Richards' husband, Aaron Phypers, is reportedly upset and brokenhearted over the dispute between the exes. He feels for his wife because he knows how much she loves her children. Phypers has also been patient with Sheen and Richards' children.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards met on the set of “Good Advice” in 2000 and married two years later. The couple had two girls together, Sam and Lola Sheen. In March 2005, Richards filed for divorce, claiming Sheen had substance abuse problems and had made threats of violence towards her. She also claimed he was addicted to gambling, porn, prostitutes and prescription drugs. Sheen denied the allegations. The divorce was finalized in November 2006, but the couple entered a heated custody battle. Richards filed court papers in 2007 requesting that her children not be left alone with Sheen. In 2008, Sheen attacked Richards for allowing his daughters to be on her show. The former celebrity duo reached a custody agreement in 2008, but the details have not been publicly disclosed. Photo: REUTERS