The following table shows China's five major state-owned power generating groups' operational results in 2010, as reported by the companies or official media.

The five firms generate almost half of China's electricity output.

The results will be different from those to be disclosed by their listed units such as Huaneng Power International (0902.HK)(600011.SS), China Power International (2380.HK), Datang International Power Generation Corp (0991.HK)(601991.SS).

China Huaneng Group

Electricity output: 537.6 billion kilowatt hours (kWh).

Total power generation capacity at year end: 113.43 gigawatts (GW), in which hydropower capacity topped 10 GW, wind power at nearly 5 GW.

Coal burned: 322.7 grams/kWh, down 4.98 grams from 2009.

Coal production capacity: 64.12 million tonnes per year

Coal output at 48.86 million tonnes in 2010

Net profit: 4.2 billion yuan. Revenues: 227 billion yuan

2015 targets:

Power generating capacity 150 GW.

Overseas power installation capacity over 5 pct, coal

consumption 317 gram/kWh.

Coal producing capacity: 100 million tonnes per year (tpy)

Revenue 300 billion yuan.

China Huadian Corp

Electricity output: 358.9 billion kWh, up 18.5 percent.

Coal burned for each unit of output at 328.2 grams a kWh, down 3.5 grams on year.

Power generation capacity at the year end totaled 90.19 GW, in which wind power were at 2.32 GW. All clean energy capacity at 24.9 percent of total.

Coal output at 13.15 million tonnes.

Revenues at 128.7 billion yuan, net profit at 1.75 billion yuan.

China Datang Corp

Power generating capacity at 105.9 GW, in which wind power capacity exceeded 5 GW.

Total hydro, wind and renewable power capacity accounted for 19.25 percent.

Net loss 110 million yuan.

China Guodian Corp

Electricity output at 419.9 billion kWh, up 18.9 percent.

Power generating capacity 95.31 GW, up 16.2 percent.

Hydropower capacity topped 10 GW. All renewable power capacity at 20 percent of total.

Coal output at 47 million tonnes, up 34 percent on year.

Net profit at 3.75 billion yuan on revenues of 165.4 billion yuan.

2011 targets:

Total power capacity 108 GW, in which hydro, wind and other renewable power capacity reaches 21.5 percent.

Coal output surpasses 55 million tonnes.

2015 targets:

Power generation capacity at 150 GW, and 30 percent of which are from renewable resources.

Coal output at 100 million tonnes.

China Power Investment Corp

Net profit at 3.39 billion yuan

Power generation capacity 70.7 GW, in which 30.1 percent are from clean energy sources.

Electricity output at 294 billion kWh.

Coal producing capacity 72.8 million tonnes and coal output at 54.1 million tonnes.

Aluminium production capacity at 2.08 million tonnes and output at 1.73 million tonnes.

2015 targets:

Power generating capacity 100 GW, in which hydropower at 22.1 GW, nuclear at 5.2 GW, wind and solar power at 11 GW, gas-fired power and IGCC at 4.4 GW.

Coal production capacity 100 million tonnes.

2020 targets:

Hydropower generation capacity 40 GW, nuclear power at 14 GW, wind power at 16 GW.