A booze-filled New Year's Eve brawl at the New Dynasty Restaurant in Chinatown, Montreal has caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages, and the video must be seen to be believed.

Cell phone video caught chairs flying, tables flipping, plates crashing and people screaming. The Canada-based QMI Agency reported no one was seriously injured, but one man was taken to the hospital after his cheek was slashed by a broken plate.

According the New Dynasty Restaurant's owner, things began when a black guy threw a cup at a Vietnamese guy. Then, everyone got involved.

They broke everything, said the owner, who wouldn't give his name. Let's just say it's not the way I wanted to start the New Year. This is what happens when young people drink too much and don't know how to control themselves.

A Dynasty employee told the Montreal Gazette on Wednesday that damages added up to between $10,000 and $20,000 in repairs. There was so much blood, the restaurant will have the carpet replaced.

Another employee told Buzzfeed about how extensive the repairs would be. I don't know what they argued for, he said. All of sudden he just stand up on the chair and start flying all the dishes all the cups [sic] ... We have to repaint the whole restaurant. You can see that some of the wall is broken and then we have to change the carpet.

But police said the restaurant isn't pressing charges. Montreal police Lt. Ian Lafreniere told the Montreal Gazette that when police arrived shortly after 4 a.m., the drunken melee was over. It's private property and nobody wants to take it further by pressing charges, he told the paper.