A toddler, who was ran over twice by vans and then ignored by passers-by, died Friday a week after the accident.

The Guangzhou Military District General Hospital said that the two-year-old girl, Wang Yue, died of brain and organ failure.

Her injuries were too severe and the treatment had no effect, Su Lei, the hospital's intensive care unit director, told reporters.

Eighteen people passed by the grievously injured girl, but none stopped to help her, and she was hit by a second vehicle, according to China Daily.

They added that some of the passers-by claimed that they were in such a hurry that they didn't see the injured girl.

According to the Associated Press, the child, nicknamed Yue Yue, came to symbolize what many Chinese see as a decay in public morals after heady decades of economic growth and rising prosperity.

The incident made global headlines and set off desperate soul-searching in China, as a surveillance video was released showing scenes of two trucks running over Yue Yue in the middle of a market street in China.

According to an an online survey conducted by Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television, fewer than seven percent of 20,000 respondents said they would stop while driving to offer help to someone, The Guardian reports.

While more than 45 percent said they would turn a blind eye and 43 percent said they would help only if there was a camera.

A second truck hit her, and at least seven minutes passed before a woman finally stopped to help Yue Yue.

The 58-year old street cleaner Chen Xianmei lifted the toddler's body and alerted Yue Yue's mother who was nearby.