Chris Brown has had his share of temper tantrums. From ripping off his shirt and throwing a chair into a glass window after a Good Morning America taping to brutalizing his girlfriend Rihanna three years ago, the star seems to have trouble containing his anger.

The latest outburst occurred early Sunday morning, according to Miami police, when the Grammy-winning star snatched an iPhone from an onlooker outside of a South Beach nightclub, according to a local NBC affiliate.

Chris Brown and Young Money rapper Tyga were leaving Miami Beach nightclub Cameo when a fan followed them out to their black Bentley and snapped a picture with her white iPhone 4S. Brown then reached out of the car's window and stole the iPhone from the woman, reportedly saying to the woman, B**** you ain't going to put that on no Web site.

Police arrived on the scene at 4:43 a.m. and took the woman's report, marking the incident as a robbery by sudden snatching. While Brown ensured that the photo wouldn't appear on any Web site, the incident sure has.

The incident occured just one day before Chris Brown and Rihanna released their remixes of each other's songs, and sparked controversy for their reputed reunion. Though Brown's representatives deny it, Us Weekly claims that the star couple has been together for nearly a year, though they haven't gone public with the relationship due to the scorn Rihanna would surely face for returning to the man who repeatedly punched her in the face after an argument after the 2009 Grammy award ceremony.

Clearly the singer hasn't worked through his anger problems — which may explain why friends of Rihanna are so desperate to keep her apart from Chris Brown — and this may be a sign that Bill Zwecker was onto something when he quoted sources close to the celebrity couple as saying, More drama is sure to come.

Below is a video report made after Brown's incident at the Good Morning America studios in New York City: