Chris Brown and RCA records have released the cover art for Hip Hop singer-rapper-dancer Breezy's upcoming album, Fortune, which should be released on May 8, 2012. The album will be Brown's fifth studio project, following F.A.M.E., which was released on March 18, 2011, debuting at the number one spot on the billboard top 200 chart and selling 270,000 copies in the first week it was available. F.A.M.E. was the controversial artist's first number one hit in the US and won him a slew of awards, including 5 BET awards, album of the yea at the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards, and two Grammys (his first ever).

Fortune, which Brown originally claimed would drop six months after F.A.M.E and act as a sort of 'disc two' to the award winning album, will take the musician's music in new directions. The album will feature a number of popular artist as producers and collaborators on various tracks, including David Guetta,, Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Asher Roth and David Banner. According to Brown the album will feature gritty Hip Hop and dubstep influences. David Banner has claimed that Fortune will change the way people think about Hip Hop and bring them back into the club. When did they leave?

Brown announced the release date on Feb. 29 via his official Twitter account, writing, FORTUNE! May 8th!!!!! He followed that up with a second message: I hope this album shows growth and positivity to all my fans and will inspire them to live life to the fullest!!! #FORTUNE

The album cover itself is a far cry from the Fortune promo shot released in early January, in which Brown posed in a fur coat against a white background while looking away from the camera. The only similarities between that photograph and the album cover is Breezy's, which remains defiantly off camera. Otherwise every thing has changed. Brown is shown wearing a blue suit with matching tie and shirt, and sporting a pair of thick rimmed dark glasses while posing against blue background covered in lettering from different alphabets. Imposed in front of Brown where one might expect to find the album's title is a series of futuristic symbols which appear to be meaningless but which die-hard fans will likely spend hours attempting to crack.

Fortune will likely find success on the Billboard charts, but Chris Brown may not be able to enjoy his success when the album is released this summer.

Brown may be heading to prison over charges of breaking his probation and stealing a woman's iPhone out of her hands after she snapped a picture of him outside of a club in Florida. claimed on Feb. 28 that charges against Brown for snatching a woman's smartphone after she snapped a picture of the artist leaving a Miami club had already been raised and it was only a matter of time before the Hip-Hop singer-rapper-dancer was behind bars, according to one source with impeccable credentials. However, they later revoked the claim, stating that the prosecutor is currently tied up in another case and is holding off on making public charges against Brown. However, the prosecutor plans to hold a press conference soon.

If convicted Brown could face up to five years in Florida prison, but either way his probation (which he earned for beating Rihanna three years ago) will most likely be revoked after the charges are filed. It looks like Breezy may be in jail this time next week.