Rihanna and Chris Brown
The Rihanna and Chris Brown rumors continue but this time sources have told the media that the "Birthday Cake" singer has warned that no one can keep her away from her ex. Rihanna is reportedly rebelling against Jay-Z and her management company, which has reportedly banned her from seeing Brown, fears that she might secretly record an album with Brown. REUTERS

It's been over a week since Chris Brown was accused of stealing Christal Spann's cellphone after she snapped a few photos of the rapper-singer-dancer leaving a Miami club with two groupies -- so why hasn't Chris Brown been arrested yet?

According to the Miami Herald, the local police department and attorney's office both blame each other for thus far failing to successfully arrest Brown for the iPhone 'snatch and grab.' Both sides claim the other has continued to drag their feet because they are afraid of the Hip Hop star.

The police have been waiting almost a week for an arrest warrant from the attorney's office, despite the fact that they have five eye witnesses who were outside the Cameo nightclub when the crime in question took place.

Why didn't the police grow a pair and arrest him when the complaint was drawn? a high-ranking State Attorney's staffer to the Miami Herlad on Wed. That's how you do it.

Responding to the insult, a source at the Miami police department blamed the Attorney's office for slowing down the process.

We knew Chris Brown was about to leave town so we went to the State Attorney's Office and asked for a warrant, the MBPD source said. They didn't want to give us one because they claim there was a lot of work left.

However, according to Spokesman Ed Griffith, the police's decision to request an arrest warrant is what slowed down the arrest process in the first place.

Police have the power to make an arrest at the scene when they have probable cause, Griffith told the Herald. But once they come to us, it brings a whole different approach. We're re-interviewing every witness.

This is not because Chris Brown's famous, he added. It's about handling every case equitably.

State prosecutors have left no stone unturned in the continuing investigation, even requisitioning camera footage of brown at the Fontainbleau Miami Beach, and footage of his friends at the Mandarin Hotel in downtown Miami.

If Brown is find guilty he will likely end up in jail, since he is still on probation for physically abusing Rihanna while they were romantically involved three years ago. Word on the street is that Brown is attempting to reoncile with Rihanna, and RiRi is open to the possibility--she recently said she was sick of being single during a interview on British TV. Brown likely stole the smartphone in question in order to keep Rihanna was seeing the photos online.

While grabbing the phone from the woman's hands he reportedly shouted, B-tch, you ain't going to put that on no website.