Convicted killer Chris Watts has denied claims made by a man that says they had a sexual relationship, the Daily Mail reports. The man, Trent Bolte, told investigators that he was in a sexual relationship with Watts for close to a year, according to the outlet.

Bolte talked to investigators on Aug. 29, telling them that Watts reached out to him on the MessageMe app by complimenting him on his photo and his lips, the Daily Mail reported. When Bolte asked Watts why he was contacting a gay man when his profile said he was straight, Watts allegedly responded by saying, “lol, I don't really know if I'm straight or not.”

The two men met at Bolte’s home, where he claims Watts ripped off his clothes. “I performed oral sex on him, he performed oral sex on me, after that there was intercourse and he pretty much panicked and then didn't say much and left,” Bolte said.

Bolte claims he was also introduced to Watts' two young daughters. Prior to the meeting, Watts told Bolte that “If you turn out not to be a psycho maybe you can meet them.”

According to Bolte, the two men spent time together in a Wyoming cabin, which was confirmed by his mother in an interview with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. She also said the Watts gave her son money and paid for him to get lip injections, the Daily Mail reported.

Bolte revealed his alleged relationship with Watts shortly after the murders of Watts' pregnant wife and two daughters. He says they met in June 2017. He has appeared on a national news program and spoke to police about the relationship.

Bolte wrote on Twitter to critics of the claims, “I didn’t know he was gonna murder his family when I was with him.” He has since gone silent on social media.

This is not the first man that Watts has been linked to as a second man also claimed he had a sexual relationship with the convicted killer, after meeting him in rehab, the Daily Mail reported. Watts has denied these claims as well.