Christi and Chloe
Christi Lukasiak sounds off on her return to “Dance Moms” with her daughter Chloe. The reality stars are pictured at the Kids’ Choice Awards in March 2015 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

Chloe and Christi Lukasiak’s highly anticipated return to “Dance Moms” Tuesday night wasn’t a completely drama-free event. Christi has revealed that her daughter’s decision to pay her former teammates a visit during the Season 7 finale was a nerve-wracking affair.

While the two-hour episode aired on Lifetime, Christi tweeted about her and Chloe’s experience filming the installment. “Chloe was actually nervous and so was I,” Christi wrote to fans after the scene featuring their surprise reunion with the ALDC team aired. “That’s a scary room. Trust me.”

When the episode aired on the West Coast, Christi reiterated their nerves about filming again.

It wasn’t all fear, though. Christi also offered some fun behind-the-scenes insight on Twitter, revealing her youngest daughter Clara was excited about filming her “big girl debut.” Christi also called Chloe’s comment about wanting to compete again the “most shocking thing” she’s ever heard her say, and Chloe agreed.

Ultimately, Christi said she’s proud of how far Chloe, who left the series in 2014, has come.

In episode 14, Chloe told Christi she was interested in dancing competitively again. With the ALDC team back in Pittsburgh for nationals, they decided to pay them a visit. After surprising the group backstage at the competition, Chloe revealed she missed competition life. Christi told the mothers she would consider rejoining the group but only if there were “bars between” her and coach Abby Lee Miller.

While it’s unknown what the future holds for Chloe and Christi on “Dance Moms,” it appears Chloe may have joined a rival ALDC team for Season 7B of the series.