Conan Exiles - Demon
Demons can be summoned by performing eldritch rituals Funcom


  • Combat is focused on group fighting with Thralls
  • Status Effects can greatly increase the odds of victory
  • Always upgrade weapons and armor when possible

There's more to fighting in "Conan Exiles" than mindlessly swinging a sword at anything with bad intentions.

Although combat in this game isn't as intricate as some other third-person titles, there's a bit of depth to go through that may help players understand how fights are approached. For those having trouble conquering the Exiled Lands, here's a quick overview of how the combat system works and how to best approach certain scenarios.

Weapon Movesets

Each weapon has a light and heavy attack combo. Light attacks are the typical spam moves useful in any situation. Meanwhile, the heavy attacks are more specialized in terms of their use.

For example, the first two hits of a one-handed sword's heavy attack combo are for closing gaps between targets. The lunge range on these two attacks is surprisingly long, making hitting nearby targets very difficult.

On the other hand, a two-handed sword's heavy attacks have wide arcs that are great for damaging multiple enemies. However, they are slower and leave players more vulnerable to getting flinched out of their animation.

Experiment with different weapon types to find movesets that suit certain playstyles.

Status Effects

On the topic of heavy attacks, certain combo hits can inflict status effects. These special attacks are denoted by colored streaks coming from weapons mid-animation.

Conan Exiles - Zombie Summon
The Age of Sorcery updated added summonable zombie companions Funcom

Different weapons inflict varying status effects. Swords, for example, inflict Cripple, which slows enemies on hit. Meanwhile, axes and daggers can inflict Bleed, which causes organic enemies to take damage over time.

Players should learn which weapon inflicts which status effect to tailor their playstyles. Additionally, it's always a good idea to bring a mace or a maul to inflict Sunder and shred the defenses of heavily-armored enemies like bosses.


Admittedly, much of the fighting in "Conan Exiles" is done by Thralls. By default, high-tier Thralls are much stronger than players when leveled up, and they can beat world bosses by themselves as players watch from a distance.

Finding a strong Thrall and giving them the best possible weapons and armor can solve many combat-related problems, leaving players with enough breathing room to focus on building and other aspects of the game.

Conan Exiles - Guard Duty
Thralls can be put on guard duty to protect bases from potential raiders Conan Exiles