Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery
Conan Exiles 3.0 features a revamped building system and a new sorcery mechanic Funcom


  • Legendary weapons are found in chests or as loot from bosses
  • The Unnamed City has numerous bosses for players to hunt
  • Legendary chests can only be opened with Skeleton Keys

No other gear pieces are more sought after in "Conan Exiles" than the ones under the legendary category. Unlike crafted items, these relics offer additional effects that can drastically enhance their performance in combat or general exploration.

There are plenty of legendary weapons and armor in "Conan Exiles," and obtaining a good one can greatly improve a player's odds of survival. Here's where to find them.

The Unnamed City

On the southwestern quadrant of the Exiled Lands' world map lies the Unnamed City, a place where an ancient civilization used to thrive. Though it has become a shadow of its former self, there are still some traces of grandeur left to be found.

Not only is the Unnamed City filled with deadly treasure hunters, skeletons and other manners of monsters, but it also has a few powerful world bosses that spawn in specific areas.

These boss monsters have a chance to drop legendary gear, whether it be a weapon or an armor piece. They also drop repair kits and Fragments of Power.

One of the easier bosses to fight is the Guardian of the Flame, found worshipping a statue in the Slave Pens near the Archives. There's also a giant dragon nearby that players can farm for loot.

Conan Exiles - Archives
The Archives' location inside the Unnamed City Conan Exiles

Legendary Chests

Scattered throughout the Exiled Lands are locked chests typically guarded by legendary creatures (as denoted by the skulls below their health bars).

These chests may contain at least one legendary item, but they can only be opened if players have a Skeleton Key. These can be obtained by defeating and looting the legendary creature guarding the chest.

Take note that boss creatures are incredibly tough, and they often have high HP and Armor values. Bring a high-damage Thrall and support it by debilitating the boss with status effects like Bleed or Sunder.

Additionally, players at Level 60 are guaranteed to receive one Skeleton Key when harvesting the corpse of a legendary creature. As such, try to hit max level before attempting to farm these enemies and bring the best gear possible to make fights easier.

Conan Exiles - Enemy
Almost any human NPC can be knocked out and turned into a friendly Thrall Conan Exiles