Conan Exiles - Demon
Demons can be summoned by performing eldritch rituals Funcom


  • Demons can be summoned from Circles of Power
  • Players must upgrade the Tome of Kurak to learn the required recipes
  • Demons become hostile after a period of time

Success in combat against most mid-late game encounters in "Conan Exiles" hinges on having decent support from other players or, if playing solo, AI-controlled companions that can tank or deal damage.

The "Age of Sorcery" update not only supplemented the existing Thrall system with Necromancy, but it also gave players the ability to summon actual demons from a different plane of existence to help them slaughter their enemies.

There are a few nuances when it comes to demonic summoning though, and this guide aims to explain all of them.

How to summon demons in "Conan Exiles"

Demonic summoning is part of the new sorcery system that was added in the 3.0 update. Unlike thrall conversion or corpse resurrection, demons are pulled out from a portal on a Circle of Power.

Conan Exiles - Circle of Power
Circles of Power can be used to summon demonic followers, mounts and equipment Conan Exiles

Circles of Power can be unlocked by obtaining the Abyssal Call spell from a Tome of Kurak upgrade at a Thaumaturgy Bench. Take note that this may require several upgrades as the unlock progression is linear.

Place the Circle of Power on any suitable terrain and interact with it. Select the Abyssal Call power, craft it, and then wait for the animation to finish. A Summoned Demon should appear from a portal once the ritual is finished.

Abyssal Call requires a chunk of human flesh, demon's blood and a flask of sacrificial blood. Make sure to have a Sacrificial Stone and a few sacrifices ready before conducting the ritual.

Summoned Demon Benefits

Even when freshly summoned, demons deal good damage against most targets. They can take a bit of punishment as well, and their stats only get better when they level up.

However, Summoned Demons operate on timers. They only remain bound to their summoner for a limited time, and when the timer expires, they immediately become hostile to everyone, including all nearby players and thralls.

As such, demons are only temporary followers and they are best used as emergency defenders against raids and purges or as meat shields when attacking player bases, difficult dungeons or NPC strongholds.

When playing online, do not leave a demon inside a base as it may take down a few underleveled or badly-equipped thralls.

Conan Exiles - Demonic Follower
Demonic followers can be summoned from a Circle of Power Conan Exiles