Conan Exiles - Thrall Fight
Named Thralls sometimes appear in front of the Sinner's Refuge in the Exiled Lands Conan Exiles


  • Named Thralls have guaranteed spawn locations
  • Various Thralls spawn inside Sinner's Refuge
  • Some Named Thralls can be found roaming the world

Even after the changes and nerfs to companions, Thralls remain at the heart of the meta in "Conan Exiles."

A well-equipped companion can be a great asset when exploring the Exiled Lands, but not all of them are created equal. Higher-tiered Thralls generally have better stats than their weaker counterparts, and the ones with unique names tend to be the best among the rest.

This guide contains some of the best places to find unique Thralls in the Exiled Lands to help players craft better gear and have better chances of surviving difficult encounters.

Guaranteed Thrall Locations

There are a few spots on the map where named or unique Thralls can be located. Two notable places near the starting river that always have high-tier NPCs.

The first spot is inside the Sinner's Refuge cave, at cell G4. The cave is in a valley, and its entrance is guarded by Thralls.

Conan Exiles - Sinner's Refuge
The Sinner's Refuge cave hosts plenty of Thralls that players can capture Conan Exiles

There's a chance that one of the entrance guards is a Named Thrall, but more often than not, players will have to delve deep into the cave to find one.

The Named Thrall in Sinner's Refuge can be of any profession. Players looking for specific Thralls like Blacksmiths or Fighters will have to look elsewhere if they want to make the most out of every trip. Otherwise, this location is great for filling up a starter base.

Guaranteed Fighter Thrall Location

The next spawn point lies east of Gallaman's Tomb at Cell H4, on an outcrop past the large tree near the Darfari exile camp. There will be a lone Named Fighter Thrall patrolling the area.

Knock them out and take them back to a Wheel of Pain to begin the conversion. Take note that these Thralls tend to spawn with heavy armor and strong early-game weapons. Bring an upgraded Truncheon or Blunted Javelins and a decent shield to block the Thrall's attacks. Thankfully, there are no other enemies in this location, making the fight easier to manage.

Note that other points of interest, like The Summoning Place and The Black Galleon, tend to have other Named Thralls. Consider visiting visit.

Conan Exiles - Thrall Spawn
A Named Thrall can be spotted wandering an outcrop by the river shore Conan Exiles