Shares of venerable glassmaker Corning rose only a penny after the company said it plans to introduce Gorilla Glass 2, a new generation of highly durable glass, at next week's Consumer Electronics Show.

Corning shares rose slightly to $13.29 in the first half hour of Friday trading. They slumped in the fourth quarter after the Corning, N.Y.-based developer reported a slight sales slowdown. Corning shares never again approached their 2011 high of $23.43.

The earlier generation Gorilla Glass is already deployed on brands of bestselling smartphones and tablets from Nokia, LG, HTC, Motorola Mobility, Samsung Electronics as well as Apple's iPhones and IPad2s.

The product is so durable, Corning claims, that it is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. The electronics makers have been seeking ultra-durable glass because consumers tend to drop their devices, which contain hundreds of dollars worth of electronic content.

Gorilla Glass is not the only high-durability product available. German rival Schott and Japan's Asahi Glass have both started to ship rival products, but neither has gained the traction of the U.S.-made material, which Corning estimates has been designed into 575 current consumer electronic products.

Corning will also show an 82-inch multi-touch LCD display at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show as well as a video. Chief Technology Officer Peter Bocko is also scheduled to discuss technical problems in designing products beyond the flat screen.