Tamera and Tia Mowry
Tamera Mowry says “Sister Sister” may return to TV. Pictured: Tamera and Tia Mowry speaking at a panel in Beverly Hills, California, on July 25, 2012. Getty Images/Frederick M. Brown

In recent years, we’ve seen plenty of past TV shows revived for new series and specials. From “Full House” to “Boy Meets World,” many sitcoms from the 1990s have gotten a second chance, but could another popular ‘90s show be on its way back?

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Tamera Mowry of “Sister Sister” fame was asked about a reunion. Much to everyone’s surprise, Mowry revealed that her and the cast have spoke about it and everyone is “down for it.”

“We kind of have the idea. It’s really cool. The entire cast is down for it,” Mowry said. “We’re looking for a studio, then it will be 100 percent. But, we are in the process of making it happen.”

Mowry also revealed that her and twin sister Tia actually sang the show’s theme song. “You know, Tia and I sang it, not a lot of people know that.” Mowry also revealed that while the show was popular during its run, she never watched it when it aired. “You know what’s funny — I never watched ‘Sister Sister’ when we were doing it because we were going to school at the same time.”

“Sister Sister” premiered on ABC in 1994 and lasted six seasons. The series made its departure from ABC to The WB in 1995, where it lasted until 1996. The show also featured Jackée Harry and Tim Reid as the sister’s parents and Marques Houston as the annoying neighbor, Roger Evans.

To make ‘90s kids even more excited, Mowry also revealed that while she would love to make a cameo in an episode of “Fuller House,” she would really want to see her brother, Tahj Mowry, make his return to the Netflix series as Teddy. “You know who I want to see on ‘Full House’?” Mowry asked, “My brother! I want to see Teddy return!”