OWS Love
Some individuals are using Craiglist as a means to hook up with people from or at the Occupy Wall Street protests. Reuters

A Craigslist ad would read something like this, M4W looking for some OWS love.

Or at least so it goes for those hoping to hook-up at the Occupy Wall Street protest.

As the movement rallies on, it seems as if it is morphing into a sort of meet market for individuals looking to do some extracurricular activities after the picket signs are packed away.

The campgrounds could be viewed as one giant slumber party.

As Casey Schwartz of The Daily Beast writes, In some ways Occupy Wall Street looks like a Sixties lovefest -- men, women, and a bunch of sleeping bags all thrown together in one big mosh pit.

Some are looking to OWS for love (or something like it).

Craigslist acts on behalf of the hopefuls as a digital love letter.

Craigslist, the centralized network of online classifieds, is rife with advertisements directed specifically towards Occupy Wall Streeters.

A look in the Personals section reveals on post entitled dirty occupy wall st. girl - 30 (Financial District), reads: I just want to hook up with a dirty occupy Wall St. girl.

Another, Occupy My Wall St Bed! - 40 (Financial District), says: Oh the horror! Breezy day as the great unwashed stench wafts its way uptown. Would you care to be occupied? Nice bed. 1600 thread count sheets? Room service. Much service all around. Let the peasants eat cake! We'll have champagne & strawberries. Tall. Athletic. (Black) Card carrying SWM member of the vaunted 1%. Tired of the whining. 22-35 please. White or Asian my preference. In fact, watching the Yuan gain strength as I witness all the drama downtown. . ..

Others, both male and female, solicit partners to go protest with.

One praises the Occupy Wall Street protests for being pimping.

Written in the Rants and Raves section, titled OccupyNYC is pimping (Battery Park), the post reads: I don't know why people bash this. You can get free food, sit around and smoke pot and have good conversations about how neocons are destorying the world, have unlimited sex with some hot young chicks. I hope this goes on for month. Come down and join us.

These are tamer ones; others are more graphic.

Although there are not thousands of these requests, it is noteworthy that Seeking OWS is even a category unto itself.

Romantic rendezvous are actually materializing, whether they originated on Craigslist or not.

There have been multiple reports of sexual encounters. At Zuccotti Park, for example, free condoms are distributed and one woman told the New York Post, I haven't hooked up with any guys ... but one of my friends did have sex in a tarp with a guy last night.

Nerve even went to visit the Occupy Wall Street crowd to ask for love and sex advice. The reporter interviewed a 19-year-old man who was equipped with a sign that read Free Boyfriend. When asked about it the young man replied, My friend made it for me. He wanted to go around, looking for girls.

Followed by, When I'm not here looking for girls, I'm at Union Square looking for girls. I'm unemployed, so I have a lot of free time. I'm not going to school until spring.

So the quests for soulmates at OWS continue on.

But are they looking for love in all the wrong places?