CTFxC YouTube star Charles Trippy announced his official separation from his wife and fellow vlogger, Alli Trippy, on April 8 in the now-viral video “We Need To Talk...” After two weeks of silence, Alli Trippy, 24, spoke out about the duo's decision to part ways Tuesday and shot down rumors around the disintegration of their two-year marriage.

“Here’s the situation: We are seeking separation,” Trippy said in the video “The ‘D’ Word” on her YouTube channel, Alli. “Nothing has been finalized or filed as of yet. We are both kind of working on that. It’s a long and kind of tedious process. But we really do feel that it's the best thing for both of us at this point.” 

While many fans of the online celebrities classified the split as sudden and abrupt, Trippy said it was a long time coming and that the vlogging duo purposefully hid signs of their troubled marriage from their 1.4 million subscribers. “This was not just an overnight decision,” she said. “I know it all seemed really sudden, and in the vlogs we really tried to keep a lot of negativity out of them. … This was a long time coming. There is never just one person to blame in these situations. There is never just one situation or event that was the catalyst for all of this. It’s been a while.”

Following their split, some CTFxC fans have bashed Trippy for her absence from her husband's separation announcement video (now at 4.3 million views and counting), and some even accused the YouTuber of stepping out on him. While Trippy did not address specific rumors in her post-separation YouTube debut, she did remain adamant that online hearsay has no merit.

“Charles made his video without me because he wanted to. He has made certain choices and his decisions, all of which are his right, and I respect that. He wanted to do the video alone and so he did,” Trippy said. “I’m never going to make a video defending myself against any rumors that were said because the people that know me know the truth and I know the truth, and that’s the only thing that matters, quite frankly.”

While Trippy did not address her future on the CTFxC channel, she did confirm her plans to support her ex-beau “without question” and continue to post “drunk gaming” and travel videos on her personal channel, Alli.

Unfortunately for fans of the Florida native, she no longer may be as open about her personal life following the breakup. “I’m not sure that I want to do daily vlogs anymore… but I might occasionally post a vlog. [But] if I feel like something fun and interesting is going on, I’m totally not opposed to picking up a camera and talking about it," she said.