Cult of the Lamb's four main antagonists
Cult of the Lamb's four main antagonists Massive Monster


  • Try to use hit-and-run tactics against enemies in the extreme difficulty level as much as possible
  • Sacrifice followers liberally as they will eventually die of old age
  • Followers can be assigned to work on farms

Massive Monster's action-roguelike/cult simulator "Cult of the Lamb" can get a little difficult when it's cranked up to the hardest difficulty level, but it's nowhere near impossible to beat for experienced players.

While the combat and management portions of the game aren't wildly complicated, they can still pose a challenge if players aren't paying attention. Here are some tips for "Cult of the Lamb" players.

Use hit-and-run tactics

Enemies will be more aggressive in Extreme difficulty, but their attacks can be evaded with relative ease. As such, try to use hit-and-run tactics as much as possible.

This will trade DPS for survivability, but it's better than constantly dying due to avoidable mistakes.

Murder and sacrifice often

Players will eventually get to pick a perk that lets them respawn in the middle of a run by sacrificing a follower. Don't be afraid to do this liberally as followers will eventually die of old age.

When a follower dies of natural causes, they might start a chain reaction of negative effects that could cripple the entire cult. Be sure to keep tabs on old or dying cult members, and sacrifice them to the cult's dark lord without hesitation.

Planting and farming

Followers can be assigned to work on farms by constructing certain buildings like the Farmer Station, Seed Silo and Fertilizer Silo. Once these buildings are available, followers can be ordered to work the job description listed on the buildings themselves.

Cult of the Lamb - Farming
Followers in Cult of the Lamb can be assigned to perform different tasks around the base Cult of the Lamb

Additionally, make sure to optimize farm plot placement to account for these facilities. This is especially true when planning where to place a Scarecrow, which will protect crops from birds.

Rituals and doctrines

Doctrines give valuable benefits to the entirety of the cult. They typically give followers new passive effects that can significantly increase their productivity or other perks that make them easier to manage overall.

Every time a player invests in a doctrine category, they'll be able to choose between two options. Try to get as many points into one category first to get the most benefits out of them.

Meanwhile, Rituals are actions that can give the cult some more tangible bonuses, from a sharp increase in Devotion to other similar effects. These can be very expensive though, and they tend to have lengthy cooldowns. Use these sparingly.

Cult of the Lamb is a 2D action game with base building and cult management systems
Cult of the Lamb is a 2D action game with base building and cult management systems Massive Monster