LoL - Primal Udyr
Primal Udyr's new splash art after the champion rework. Riot Games


  • Udyr's old builds still work with his new kit
  • Reworked Phoenix Stance works differently from the original 
  • AP Tank Udyr remains a viable choice

The gameplay and visual overhaul for Udyr are now available in the "League of Legends" Public Beta Environment. Players can try him out before he gets released on the live servers.

Fortunately for many Udyr mains, he has retained his core identity as a stance-changing melee fighter who offers plenty of versatility in a fight. This means most of his old items and skill builds still work wonders even with all of the changes in place.

Here are a few things to consider when using the newly reworked Udyr in "League of Legends."

Attack Speed AD Duelist

Reworked Tiger Stance (now called Wilding Claw) causes bolts of lightning to arc between targets. When an enemy is alone, the bolts will hit them multiple times instead, making Udyr an excellent duelist.

This playstyle works well with attack speed, on-hit and critical hit items like Blade of the Ruined King and Wit's End. Complement these with movement speed items like Dead Man's Plate to help with mobility and survivability.

LoL - Spirit Guard Udyr
Spirit Guard Udyr received a serious overhaul to its effects alongside the champion rework Riot Games

The Gank Tank

Bear Stance (renamed into Blazing Stampede) now grants CC immunity when Awakened. With this new effect, players will be able to pull off Hecarim-style ganks by stacking movement speed with the Predator rune, Boots of Mobility and Dead Man's Plate.

After these items, players can stack HP and resistance to keep their survivability up while constantly stunning and absorbing damage in team fights. The slowing effect from the reworked Phoenix Stance gives him more utility as an off-tank.

Ice Storm Phoenix

Since Phoenix Stance (now Wingborne Storm) no longer applies extra damage every few hits, it lost some potential builds with attack speed and on-hit items. However, it can now be sent out to chase enemies while dealing damage to everything it passes through.

Since this still scales off of AP, players can use some wacky magic damage builds with items like Liandry's Torment, Rylai's Crystal Scepter and a bunch of tank items.

This will give Udyr some extra staying power without losing much slaying potential, especially since Wilding Claw deals damage based on an enemy's HP and Iron Mantle's (Turtle Stance) shield, and healing also increases with Udyr's AP.

LoL - Udyr Rework
Udyr received a full VGU after winning a community poll on who gets reworked next Riot Games