Cult of the Lamb - Sacrifice
Followers in Cult of the Lamb can be sacrificed in order to gain more power Cult of the Lamb


  • Weapons can be unlocked by conducting sermons at the Temple
  • Base buildings are unlocked by spending Divine Inspiration
  • Weapons and curses are randomly given at the start of a crusade

Upgrades are always present in roguelike games, and "Cult of the Lamb" is no exception. There are a bunch of new weapons, spells and base improvements to be enjoyed, and they will all make themselves known to the player in time.

Like other roguelikes, "Cult of the Lamb's" progression system demands repetitions of the game's main combat activity in order to gain materials for building and XP points for the actual blueprint unlocks. However, weapons are strictly locked behind XP upgrades, and players have no choice but to rely on RNG to get the one they want whenever they go crusading.

How to unlock weapons in "Cult of the Lamb"

After building a Temple, players will be able to conduct daily sermons to preach the word of The One Who Waits to their loyal followers. Every day, the faith of followers can be extracted and converted into unlock points for the Lamb, which can be spent on three linear upgrade paths.

Extracting enough points will open up the upgrades tree that hosts HP-, weapon- and curse-related unlocks. The left side contains all of the possible weapon upgrades, while the right side has curse and fervor perks. Meanwhile, the middle tree has general upgrades for weapon levels and HP boosts.

The left-side weapon upgrades unlock variations of the five main weapon types, which are:

  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Axes
  • Hammers
  • Gauntlets

At the start of every crusade, players will get one random weapon with a chance of getting a variant based on the upgrades they've already purchased. The starting level of the weapon they acquire depends on middle-tree upgrades.

Cult of the Lamb - Weapon
New weapons and curses appear at the start of every crusade in Cult of the Lamb Cult of the Lamb

How to unlock base buildings

Building pieces like farm plots, outhouses and decorations can be unlocked by harvesting Devotion from various sources. This resource is primarily harvested from the Shrine in the middle of the cult's base, though Heretic statues and the small group of worshippers inside the lighthouse by the shore also have gatherable Devotion spots.

Have followers worship the Shrine, and they will passively generate Devotion for the Lamb, which can be extracted to gain Divine Inspiration and unlock new building blueprints for the betterment of the cult.

Cult of the Lamb - Farming
Followers in Cult of the Lamb can be assigned to perform different tasks around the base Cult of the Lamb