abby and maddie ziegler
Maddie Ziegler could part ways with longtime coach Abby Lee Miller on Tuesday’s “Dance Moms.” Lifetime

After calling being a member of the ALDC “stressful” in a previous Season 6 episode of “Dance Moms,” Maddie Ziegler may officially announce she’s leaving the elite junior team in episode 14. The synopsis for “JoJo Steals the Show Show” reveals that Maddie's mom, Melissa Gisoni, “debates” pulling her from the troupe.

In a promo video for Tuesday’s forthcoming installment, Melissa gets upset backstage at a competition and asks that her co-stars ease off on the drama. When newcomer Ashlee Allen questions why she would care considering she's probably leaving the team anyway, Abby Lee Miller seeks a formal answer.

“Melissa, anything to say?” Abby questions. While Melissa doesn’t respond to Abby’s inquiry in the promo, a second scene shows her telling Maddie, 13, she’s over the show. “I’m tired of it. There’s more to the world than going to a dance competition,” she says. After weeks of side-stepping the rumors that she’s pulling Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler off the team, could they finally be making that big announcement?

If the Zieglers do announce their official leave in episode 14, it won’t affect the group dance. The promo shows Maddie and Mackenzie, 11, performing with their teammates in the contemporary number “A League of Their Own.” Unfortunately for Kendall Vertes, however, Maddie will be not able to compete their scheduled duet. The promo video reveals Abby will replace Maddie with JoJo Siwa in the number. The piece will later become a solo for JoJo, causing more upset among the Vertes family.

“It never works out for Kendall and you make sure of it!” a visibly upset Jill Vertes says to Abby. A later scene shows Kendall, 13, leaving the dance studio in tears.

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The results from the ALDC’s performance at New York Dance Experience in Long Beach, California, on Jan. 31 may explain why Melissa was so upset in the dressing room. One spoiler site has shared that the group dance placed third in the junior division and did not land a spot in the overalls, a serious change of pace for the ALDC.

As for the weekly solos, JoJo’s improvisation routine also did not place, but it received an elite gold award. Nia Frazier’s “Woman in the Mirror” placed third in the teen division. The biggest winners were newcomer Brynn Rumfallo and guest star Sarah Hunt, who took home first place in the junior duet/trio division with “Human Nature,” a lyrical piece.

Catch “Dance Moms” Season 6, episode 14 on Tuesday, April 5, at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.