Days of Our Lives
The cast of "Days of Our Lives" gathers backstage at the Daytime Emmy Awards in Burbank, California, April 26, 2015. Reuters/Patrick T. Fallon

Tuesday's episode of NBC's "Days of Our Lives" focused on the following characters: Serena (Melissa Archer), Eve (Kassie DePaiva), Paul (Christopher Sean), Sonny (Freddie Smith), Will (Guy Wilson), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Eric (Greg Vaughan). The episode was about Serena’s worries regarding her secret. She tried to convince Eric to leave Salem because she feared that Nicole would discover what she has been hiding.

Serena also spoke with Xander. He told her that Nicole used her phone and saw an important photo there. Xander advised Serena to leave town after the whole diamonds transaction is over with.

Will and Paul also ended up fighting after the former provoked the latter by calling his mom a whore and saying terrible things about John. Sonny saw the whole thing but he wasn’t aware what caused Paul to behave that way. Will pretended not to know the reason why Paul hit him. Sonny and Will reunited and kissed each other.

Nicole regretted not telling Daniel about what she has been investigating lately. But she’s still determined to go inside Daniel’s apartment to look for more clues. Nicole tried to convince Maggie and Eric to let her into Daniel’s place but they didn’t budge.

Eric admitted to Nicole that there were really two elephant statues after all. This led Nicole to believe that there is something more about the missing elephant statue. Nicole asked Lou to help her get into Daniel’s apartment. But Xander arrived to meet Nicole instead of Lou.

As for Serena, she met up with Eric in the park. Serena wanted to decide about her future, and it includes a job in Hawaii.

Click here and here to see photos from the episode, including a picture of Jennifer and Eve talking. Another photo shows Paul punching Will. Click here to see the “DOOL” preview for the week of May 18 from the official website of “Days of Our Lives.”

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