Deathloop is set in a 50s-esque era with heavy pulp fiction references
Deathloop is set in a 50s-esque era with heavy pulp fiction references Arkane


  • Shift can be obtained from either Charlie Montague or Julianna
  • The power lets Colt teleport short distances
  • Powers can be permanently unlocked by infusing them

All of Arkane's games that feature supernatural assassins give players an arsenal of powers to use at their leisure, and "Deathloop" is no different.

Like the protagonists in the older "Dishonored" games, Colt can teleport short distances to gain a tactical advantage against enemies. In "Deathloop," this ability is called Shift, and naturally, it's one of the most versatile powers in the game.

Due to the nature of the game's time loop mechanics, getting Shift may take a while. There's also a bit of randomness involved, though this can be circumvented by going to the right place at the right time.

Where to get the Shift Power in "Deathloop"

Players can get this ability from two sources: Julianna and Charlie Montague. The former drops a random slab when defeated, while the latter always drops Shift. Since Julianna is an unreliable source of slabs, Charlie is the players' best bet at getting Shift.

Charlie is one of the Visionaries, which means players will have to kill him eventually. He can be found at Updaam, inside a mansion-turned-fun house near the Dorsey Manor. Players will have to cross a bridge to reach Charlie's isolated rock.

Deathloop - Charlie location
Charlie Montague can be found in the Condition Detachment area in Updaam Deathloop

Clear the place of Eternalists and scour the mansion for Charlie. He's usually at the top of the fun house, by the UFO décor and the halls that lead to his little bunker on the rooftop. He uses a Strelak 50-50 shotgun and the aforementioned Shift slab in combat.

Be careful when fighting Charlie as he can dart around the room with his slab. This also means that he can get dangerously close to the player and blast them away with his shotgun. Either match his aggression or hit him from the shadows.

Kill Charlie and grab the slab from his body.

Take note that Shift will disappear along with the rest of the player's gear once the loop resets. This can be avoided by unlocking the Infusion mechanic and spending Residuum on Shift at the Loadout screen before entering any of the districts. Players must kill Wenjie at the Complex and use her machine at the research base in order to unlock Infusion.

Deathloop - Loadout screen
Weapons and powers can be equipped in the loadout screen justs before heading out into a district - Deathloop Deathloop