Deathloop - shotgun
Deathloop features an arsenal of retro-style weapons for players to use Arkane Studios


  • There is a unique sniper rifle hidden in Updaam
  • The library can be raided for weapons and ammo if players are quick enough
  • Updaam's Delivery Booth is right across the library's courtyard

Updaam is the first district players will visit in "Deathloop." There are plenty of things to discover in this cliffside town, and Colt literally has all the time in the world to find every hidden piece of gear that's strewn about in the streets.

Here are four secrets in Updaam that players will not want to miss.

The Delivery Booth

Delivery Booths are used to transfer certain items like weapons, crank wheels, batteries and nullifiers between each of the game's four districts. The one in Updaam is located past the courtyard right across from the library. It is near the store with the "Enjoy Amortality" sign.

Players will have to find the code for Delivery Booths before they can use them. Unfortunately, codes are randomly generated, so players need to find this by themselves.

Deathloop - Delivery Booth
A Delivery Booth just across the courtyard in front of the library in Updaam Deathloop

The Library - Morning

The library houses a large cache of weapons and ammo that Colt can use throughout the day. However, this is a time-gated opportunity, as the Eternalists waiting outside of the building will eventually take the guns for themselves.

Look for a window to the right of the library's front door and enter it from there. There should be around three of four guards in the main hall. Eliminate them and take whatever is necessary.

High-tier guns and trinkets are locked inside hackable orange containers.

Don't forget that the cameras and turrets inside can be hacked. Once the doors unlock for the Eternalists, hacked turrets will immediately open fire on them.

Sepulchra Breteira Rifle - Afternoon

This scoped rifle is one of the four unique weapons in the game, and it is surprisingly easy to obtain. Return to Updaam in the afternoon and head to the front of the Dorsey Manor behind the library. There should be a very obvious trap in the middle there.

Deal with the enemies and players will be rewarded with the sniper rifle.

Elite Trinket – Side Alley

Apart from the library, there's one more guaranteed elite trinket spawn location in Updaam. In the morning, head to the library and look for a window overlooking two Eternalists who are trying to bust down a wall. They will eventually break it down and uncover a random trinket that players can loot.

Deathloop - Updaam Trinket
Two Eternalists trying to take down a wall near the library in Updaam Deathloop